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Types of Divorce

Fort Myers Divorce Law Firm:

Fort Myers divorce law firm, Leah Meshelle Snyder, PA offers services for all types of divorce in Florida.

Many options and types of divorce in Florida:

No fault divorce: Florida only recognizes no fault divorce.  Grounds for no fault divorce include irretrievable breakdown of the marriage or mental incapacity of a spouse.

Limited divorce: Florida does not have legal separation.  Florida has limited divorce where couples live apart and cannot remarry, which is temporary and similar to a legal separation. Limited divorce allows spouses to settle property division, child custody, support, and alimony.

Absolute divorce: An absolute divorce refers to marriage dissolution and is permanent.  Couples who obtain an absolute divorce are free to marry other people and must settle or litigate terms for child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division.

Uncontested divorce:  An uncontested divorce is one in which no divorce issues are disputed.  Such divorces usually proceed quickly and are less expensive than contested divorces.

Contested divorce: In a contested divorce, the couple has one or more issues in dispute,
such as child custody, child support, alimony, or property division. Issues may be resolved through alternative dispute resolution methods or litigation in court.

Mediation divorce A mediation divorce uses mediation as an alternative to litigation to resolve disputed issues and reach settlements.

Collaborative divorce:  In collaborative divorce, spouses are represented by their own divorce attorneys and all work together (collaborate) to settle the divorce without resorting to litigation.  Professional experts may help resolve conflicts and offer solutions for finances, children, debts, and property distribution—such as business valuation and parenting plans.  If either party decides to end the collaborative process and go to trial, both parties must obtain different divorce lawyers.

Litigated divorce: A litigated divorce goes through all the proceedings of a civil trial, although it may be negotiated and settled during any stage of the process.  While most divorces are settled out of court, litigation is often necessary to protect a spouse’s rights and the only viable recourse when the divorce is contested and domestic violence, drug abuse, or child negligence is involved.

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